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1155 Neef Hog LONG FILBERT

This long filbert brush has a thick ferrule and long hairs in the shape of an oval. Filberts are particularly effective in blending work.

Neef 1150 Hoghair are 100% interlocked hoghair witha long blue handle. Probably 90% of oil painting is done with hoghair. This bristle leaves brush marks in the paint film where required and only the best quality Chunking bristles are selected. An extra length of hair is inserted into the ferrule formed into a mould and oven heated for a short time, giving the bristles greater spring. All of this quality control enables the interlocked bristle to retain its shape and resilience over many years.

Chungking bristle hoghair is specially prepared to give the best quality results over many years. We recommend these brushes to oil painters. If you look after them, they will last a very long time and improve with use. Available in the following shapes and sizes.

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