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Atelier 250ml Binder Medium

Dries fast & waterproof for traditional acrylic techniques. Use with Atelier Interactive & other artists’ acrylics.

Recommended to prepare and seal surfaces in preparation for painting with acrylics or oils. As surface ground, it promotes good adhesion of the paint and prevents loss of moisture into the substrate. Provides a clear, smooth, non-gritty surface.

Use Atelier Gesso over Binder Medium to provide "tooth" if desired. Use to isolate and protect touch-dry layers of a painting so techniques like scratch back, glazing and varnishing can be done safely without accidentally reopening or lifting paint layers.

May be added directly to paint to increase gloss, create a tougher paint layer and shorten drying time. Use as an adhesive for collage techniques.

Shake bottle gently before using. Clean up with mild soap & cool water. Water-Based & Non-Toxic.

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