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Atelier 250ml Glazing Liquid Gloss

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Atelier Glazing Liquid (Gloss) Dries waterproof for traditionalacrylic techniques. Use with AtelierInteractive & other artists acrylics.

An acrylic medium with a slightly longeropen time perfect for creating translucentglazes. Mix with paint for addedtranslucency with a rich oil-like glosssheen. Promotes flow and levelling.Gloss Glazing Liquid can be added to thepaint in any ratio to achieve the desiredconsistency and translucency. Addingsmall amounts to the paint will improvebrushability.A ratio of approx. 10 parts medium:1 partpaint is ideal for glazing. When used forglazing the open time is about 30 - 45minutes depending on factors liketemperature and humidity.Once touch-dry, the paint layer will quicklybecome waterproof to allow for overpaintingand further glazing layers.

Shake bottle gently before using.
Clean up with mild soap & cool water.Water-Based & Non-Toxic.

Using with Atelier Interactive:
This medium can be used with any acrylic paint including Atelier Interactive with great results. However please note that this isa 'traditional medium' therefore combining Atelier Interactive and Atelier Glazing Liquid (gloss) will result in a custom mix of paint that will no longer have Atelier Interactive's unique ability to control opentime.

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