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Atelier 250ml Thick Slow Medium

For slow drying wet in wet techniques mix with Atelier Interactive to extend wet in wet blending time.

This medium has a consistency similar to the paint. It can be used as a wet bed of transparent medium to be painted into if it is applied first and the paint is added wet in wet on top or it can be added directly to the paint to spread and dilute it. Use in any desired ratio with the paint and dilute with water to adjust consistency if desired.

Wet blending can be carried out for many hours and the need to use a water atomiser is greatly reduced.

Thick Slow Medium makes it easy to re-wet touch-dry paint so before applying a glaze or varnish layer, the painting should be set aside or sealed with 2 coats of Fast Medium/Fixer.

Clean up with mild soap & cool water. Water Based Non Toxic.

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