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Awesome Origami Pack

Derived from the Japanese words ori (to fold) and kami (paper), origami is the centuries old art of paper folding. Today, the process of transforming flat sheets of paper into miniature sculpture is an art form practiced around the world by people of all ages. The Awesome Origami Pack has everything kids need to get started creating their own amazing origami sculptures. This brightly illustrated manual includes 50 sheets of patterned origami paper (plus patterned, foil, and waterproof varieties), and step-by-step instructions for dozens of projects. Kids will be thrilled at the amazing things they can make with folded paper:

  • Simple fans, crowns and envelopes
  • Waterproof items like boats, cups, and water bombs
  • Origami animals like fish, frogs, and peacocks
  • Decorative boxes, stars, and picture frames
  • Readers will also find an introduction to the history of origami, basic folding techniques and a printed folding guide. A built in storage pocket keep papers neat. 
  • (Ages 10–up)