Last weeks to view AIR exhibition at GOMA

Expansive and inspiring, 'Air' at GOMA showcases more than 30 significant Australian and international artists, reflecting the vitality of our shared atmosphere.

Featuring beautiful and breathtaking moments, ‘Air’ is anchored by an expansive canopy of gently moving, giant air-filled spheres, from artist Tomás Saraceno in his most ambitious works to date.

Iconic Gallery Collection favourites including Ron Mueck’s monumental human sculpture In bed, Anthony McCall’s enveloping installation Crossing and Jonathan Jones’s lyrical evocation of wind, breath and bird call, untitled (giran) offer deeply immersive experiences.

Journey through the invisible, ethereal and vital element of air.

Presented across the entire ground floor of GOMA, the exhibition is a journey through this invisible, ethereal and vital element, reflecting on awareness of our shared atmosphere as life-giving, potentially dangerous and rapidly warming.

EXHIBITION CONCLUDES on Sunday 23rd April 2023