New improved Davies Park across the road

Upgrades to Davies Park (directly across from our store) have been completed! - We'll be able to enjoy our lunches in a lovely environment. No doubt a good spot for picnics too.

There is a small skate park and it's already well-loved, with all ages making use of it. The access road right beside the skate park is one-way and almost never used, so it has become an additional space to scooter and skate.

Here's the spiel from Brisbane City Council:

"Davies Park is a much-loved, six-hectare green space in West End. The park has been providing sport and recreation opportunities for the community for more than 100 years.

Council is undertaking park improvements at Davies Park to enhance the park's existing leisure and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors. The improvements are part of Council's commitment to keeping Brisbane clean and green, and making our city liveable and sustainable for future generations.

The project will deliver park improvements that:

  • increase accessible green space
  • accommodate existing community lease activities in the park
  • promote a sense of community and celebrate its cultural heritage
  • increase the recreational use of the park."