We're ready for Back-to-Uni!

Are you ready to be creative in the new year?

We have essentials and plenty of items on SALE.

Send your materials list to info@artshedbrisbane.com.au in advance and we can make sure we have what you need (though please note, we can't pick orders for you).

We wish you a fine start to the year, a year in which you nurture your artistic work. Here's a quote to help you along:

"Man is by nature a creator. After the likeness of his Maker, man is born to create: to fashion beauty, to originate new values. This truth awakens a resonant response deep within us, for we know that one of the most intense joys that the soul of man can experience is that of creative activity. Ask the artist. Ask the poet. Ask the scientist. Ask the inventor or my neighbor who grows prize roses. They all know the deep spiritual satisfaction associated with the moment of orgasm of creation..." - H.E. Huntley