Lethbridge 20000 Art Prize 2020
Entries: closed

Date Prize announced: 20th June 2020

Exhibition dates: 18-27 June 2020 

Winning Prize: $20,000

Established by Brett Lethbridge in 2004, Lethbridge Gallery has a strong reputation for showing a diverse range of technically accomplished, high quality artworks.

New exhibitions are shown in the gallery regularly and consist of both established and emerging artists. Join the Lethbridge Gallery mailing list to be informed of upcoming artists and exhibitions.

With a first prize of $20 000, the Lethbridge Art Award is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks. Entrants may submit 2D artworks up to 61cm (24 inches) in height or width. The Judging is based on three equally evaluated criteria of creativity, originality and skill.

Art Shed Brisbane is continuing their support this year with Commended Prizes, offering 5 x $300 vouchers for art materials.