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A classic wood painting panel suitable for a variety of painting and drawing media and techniques. The stable and rigid surface is a great support for mounting prints, photographs, canvas or other mixed-media works.

Derivan Wood Painting Panels feature a high quality 3mm sanded birch surface finished by a solid pine wood frame. The surface and frame have been carefully sanded to achieve a level of smoothness ideal for detailed work.

These panels are excellent for the beginner, hobbyist or the experienced artist looking for an affordable and stable substrate for studies, experiments or final artworks requiring a professional finish.

Classic wood panels are ideal for delicate media like egg tempera, encaustic, frescoes or traditional acrylic, oils, collage, pastels, charcoal, graphite or a combination of these. Their stability and smoothness is perfect for mounting art paper for watercolour painting or for finished watercolour artworks, prints and drawings.

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