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LANGRIDGE Cobalt Drier 100ml_

Siccative made with cobalt octoate. Acts as a surface drier for all oil colours and mediums.To be used sparingly as its overuse will destroy paint films

It is recommended that Cobalt Driers should be added to an oil medium or artists?? drying oil rather than mixed directly into the oil paint. Measuring quantities of driers directly into small amounts of colour is difficult and prone to miscalculation. Langridge recommends addition to mediums and oils to reduce the likelihood of over use and to simplify the artists?? studio practise. Once mixed with an oil or medium, the artist can dispense with concerns about constant ongoing additions of driers. Add Cobalt Driers as an approximate 1% addition. (i.e. To 500ml of Linseed Oil add 5ml of Cobalt Drier.)

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