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Made in USA

Care of your Fredrix Canvas: Artist canvas is naturally sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and may periodically lose and regain its original tautness without affecting quality. Should tightening be desired, use the enclosed pegs by gently tapping them into the frame corners of lightly moisten (with tap water) the back of the canvas with a damp sponge or fine mist spray bottle. DO NOT SOAK.

Once dry, the canvas should tighten against the frame. *This Fredrix Artist Quality canvas is protected against acidic deterioration. A buffered sizing of non-acidic pH protects the canvas fibers from direct contact with the final priming. The canvas is then primed with a universal Acrylic Titanium formula that is suitable for permanent painting in oils or acrylics. Each canvas is individually inspected to stringent Fredrix quality control specifications.

Fredrix Heavy Duty Professional – Serving artists since 1868

  • Superior 12oz cotton duck
  • Heavy duty 1 7/16" by 2 1/4" kiln-dried stretcher bars
  • Acid-free acrylic titanium primed
  • Suitable for oil or acrylic paint
  • *Archival Seal of Quality
  • Size: (inches only)

Fredrix Creative Edge – what the label reads:

  • Staple free edge
  • Medium Texture duck
  • Artist canvas
  • Gallery style 1 - 1 1/2" stretchers
  • *Archival seal of Quality: Acid-free, Acrylic Titanium Priming, suitable for oil or acrylic painting.
  • Size: (inches only)
  • Made in Mexico
  • Not on the label: canvas weight, pine frame

Fredrix Convexo Artist Canvas – what the label reads:

  • Pure Cotton duck
  • Size: (inches only) with 1 1/2" bevel
  • Acrylic primed
  • 100% cotton
  • Acid-free
  • Universal media primed
  • Made in Mexico
  • Archival seal of quality
  • Not on the label: canvas weight, light pine frame

Fredrix Artist Canvas 100% Pure Linen – what the label reads:

  • Acid –free
  • Acrylic-Titanium Primed
  • For Oil or acrylic Painting
  • Size: (inches only)
  • Label includes both 'Care instructions' and Archival seal of Quality as above
  • Not on the label: canvas weight, frame dimensions (18 x 42mm) pine.