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For the established or professional artists, or beginners wanting to work in the traditional manner, we offer a large range of canvas and stretchers. Art Shed has the Italian Caravaggio range of linen and cotton canvas, including their coloured or clear primed varieties. We are also the Queensland distributors for "The Wholesale Canvas Company" (as advertised) and of course we have our range of Mont Marte canvas on a roll. We sell pine as well as Heavy Duty Victorian Ash hardwood timber stretchers and crossbars. We have pliers and staple guns and D-rings as well- all the bits and pieces.

Other Supports For Artist Canvas

Artist canvas can be supported in many other ways.

  • "Canvas Boards" are canvas over cardboard. Look at work by Imants Tillers!
  • Canvas pads - pre-cut canvas sheets in a pad. Tear one off and tac it to a board for a cheap , quick and easy studies / sketch). This is perfect for the beginner! Of course if you should pull off a gem, then it can be allowed to dry and later either stretched (if you have left a border) or framed. For your studies, when dry, they can be conveniently stored in drawers.
  • "Canvas panels" where canvas has been stuck onto more rigid surfaces such as Masonite, Plywood or MDF. If you choose to make your own, ensure you seal the panel properly to minimize harmful agents migrating into the back of the canvas. Also, use an acid free adhesive.

These supports generally result in a thinner but more rigid support. They are popular with the outdoor or plein-air painters. Generally the sizes remain small for portability (see Manny’s art blog). Unlike most of the pre-stretched canvases, especially the "thick" profiles, these thinner supports will likely require framing to display the work.