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howtopaintdrawA child asked her father "what do you do at work every day, Daddy?” Her art teacher father replied… "I teach grown-ups to draw, darling." Astonished, she asked "You mean they forget?" Picasso said that he could paint like a master at 20 and that he then spent the rest of his life trying to learn how to paint like a child.

In the above two anecdotes, lies the secret to “how to draw and paint”.

Every person, and even some animals can paint and draw. What you're possibly asking is "how to draw and paint well?" That, of course depends on your definition of what is good art. Your definition… implies your expectations or aspirations or ideals. These are influenced by many factors, not least of which are the myriad images that flash across our eyes daily, including those of works by masters. Herein lies the problem.

Unlike children, many people are afraid to play with materials which leave a permanent mark on a surface.

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