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Derivan has created a unique variation on traditional impasto mediums called Light Modelling Paste. As the name suggests, this product contains a lighter-density filler that results in a lighter version of MM2 Impasto Medium. It dries to an off-white opaque finish with a grainy, absorbent surface. This product is particularly good for creating high peaks of varying sizes; it is flexible and does not shrink when it dries.

MM32 Light Modelling Paste is a very light product in terms of weight and can be used in large quantities that will not cause canvas to stretch or sag. Straight from the container, Light Modelling Paste is a frothy, grainy compound that can be applied with either a firm-bristled brush or palette knife. Although this medium can be applied to all rigid substrates (ie: board, canvas panels, etc), its light texture and flexibility makes it an excellent choice for applying to thick paper as well as canvas. It is non-toxic when used as directed. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for use as an adhesive.

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