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Wireform Aluminium Rolls

Wireform is a fantastic and liberating new material and has been designed specifically with the artist in mind.

Manufactured from aluminium mesh - it is super pliable and easy to use, yet strong enough to hold its formed 3 dimensional shape. It can be molded over an armature and the Contour Mesh(extra fine) form can even be molded over a human face!

It will support other layers of Modroc plaster bandage or Papier Mache pulp.

Wireform is suppplied in riolls and can be cut with scissors, wire shears, bent, stretched, gathered or twisted into any shape.

For example make a scuplture using beading wire and shim to connect wireform into interesting shapes. Decorative finishes can be applied eg gold leaf, rust etc.

All rolls are 510mm wide x 3 metres long.

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