2024 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Mother's Day! 

The Art Shed Brisbane team has come up with some gift ideas for the special Mum in your life, from the Mum who loves to travel, to the Mum who deserves some relaxation. Read on to have your creativity inspired, and to make Mum's day! 


… for the Mum who already dabbles in art, but could use a gift to complete her kit. 

For the Painter-Mum: 

For the Sketcher-Mum:

 For the ‘a little bit of everything’-Mum:

For the watercolourist-Mum:


...for the Mum who loves a sentimental, handmade gift.

Ceramic Painting Kits

Use Ceramic Paints on porcelain, china and glass to personalise your homewares and gifts. The opaque colours can be mixed for an endless palette or diluted with water for a more translucent effect. 

Fabric Paint

Add your own designs to clothing and homewares with Mont Marte Signature Fabric Paint Set. Use them straight out of the tub or mix them together to create custom colours! 

Jewellery Making

Fly into the fashion world and design stunning jewellery for Mum this Mother's Day. Create a piece of jewellery from scratch, a sentimental gift that is truly your own. 


...for the Mum who is known to say, 'just get me a card!' 

Quill Card Maker Packs

Blank cards, with your choice of Kraft or White cardboard.

IKONINK & Pattern Book Gift Cards

Beautiful unique cards with bespoke designs.

Watercolour postcards (blank)

Stunning designs to colour with either pencil or paint, adding a creative and handmade touch!  


...for the Mum who deserves some time to herself to relax and colour inside of (or out of!) the lines.

Reeves Paint by Numbers Kits

Each Reeves set contains everything you need to create your own artwork - paints, brushes and the canvas, as well as some instructions and tips to get started. 

Mont Marte Colouring Canvases

Suitable for acrylic paint or paint pens. Varied sizes and designs, with lots to choose from - one for every Mum! 

Clairefontaine Watercolour Learning Pad 300gsm A4: Horses

Currently 15% off, we couldn’t miss this watercolour learning pad by Clairefontaine. With 12 sheets with 6 pre-drawn designs which are ready to paint on, and a step-by-step guide included for each drawing, let Mum learn to watercolour the fun way! 


...for the Mum who loves writing and deserves a beautiful surface for her words.



Each Double page is illustrated with vintage images. Some Lined Pages are for writing, some for sketching or to stick on little souvenirs. 

DJECO Notebooks

Stunning, artist-made notebooks with beautiful metallic illustrations to write down all your thoughts. All illustrated with small drawings, and crafted using FSC certified paper. 

Stifflex Journals

Beautiful Italian journals, with a hard but flexible cover that doubles as a bookmark. 


...if you're still not sure what to get, you can't go wrong with a voucher for Art Shed Brisbane! Valid both online and in store.
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