Supporting Art Shed Brisbane means you also support Oli’s Gift.

The family and friends of Oli, who died of cancer several years ago, raise funds to provide gift boxes full of art materials to children suffering serious illnesses, in hospital.

Through Oli’s long ordeal, they discovered that creativity was the best way to ease the loneliness, apprehension, isolation and boredom; that art transports the children to their world of creativity and imagination, easing their suffering.

Please visit Oli’s Gift and consider giving a donation of love.

What is it?

Oli's Gift boxes are full of art materials, journals and activity books, given to children while in hospital for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Oli's gift boxes contain (age & gender appropriate) items designed to not only give the children something to pass the long days, but being art and writing 'creative tools' enable them to escape into 'right brain' activity. It transports them from their suffering. It is healing.