Origami for Creative Fitness with Michael Lai

I am an advocate for a proactive and prevention-based approach to mental health and well-being. I specialize in applying the concepts and techniques used in origami to develop exercises and activities that can help improve your mental fitness and creativity. In this class you will learn about origami, make some models, and get ideas on how to incorporate these concepts and techniques for your health and well-being.


For more information please contact me directly on

Email: thetoohardbasket@gmail.com

Website: https://hanakami.art


Category or medium taught:



Class name:

Origami for creative fitness


Tutor Name:

Michael Lai





Brisbane Region:




Adults, beginner to intermediate


Contact details:

Email: thetoohardbasket@gmail.com

Website: https://hanakami.art


Extra Information:

I have been running workshops for Brisbane City Council and have worked with organizations interested in taking a positive and proactive approach to mental health. I am also interested in sharing my experience and knowledge with other teachers of art and creative activities.


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