Water Marbling 3D Objects with Bronwyn Rayner
I will be offering small bespoke adult only Water Marbling workshops, all perfect for beginners throughout 2024.
These sessions are full of fun and colour, being held in the relaxed space of my Mitchelton home marbling studio.
In the 3D Objects class I guide you through various techniques of this unique artform and you will leave with a carload of creations.
  • I guide you through the basics of water marbling paper.
  • We will explore different pattern creation and colour combinations.
  • Once confident with A4 paper, you will have a choice of marbling from a selection of things which may include – gift cards & tags, bark, satin hand fan, stones, wooden beads, terracotta pots, satin, wooden objects, feathers and more. 
More dates for April, May and June coming soon.

Category or medium taught:

Water Marbling

Class name:

Water Marbling 3D Objects

Tutor Name:

Bronwyn Rayner


Raynbow Crow Studios

Brisbane Region:





Beginner Adults Only

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Extra Information:

Water marbling is a centuries old art form which is not particularly well known in Australia, with only a handful of Australian marblers practicing and teaching this creative and relaxing activity.

I have been working in this medium for over 9 years & have adapted the technique for use on a variety of objects and canvases beyond the traditional paper form. Teaching this artform to others for the last 6 years has brought me joy, especially when people wish to take it up themselves.


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